Q.    Does your storage facility provide outside storage?
A.    Yes.  We have outside parking for RV’s, Boats, Trailers, and vehicles that are in    running condition.

Q.    What type of security does your facility have?
A.    We have exterior lighting at all buildings.  At 313-190th St. W., there is a chain link fence at the perimeter of the facility with a digital key gate access for tenants. Each tenant receives a unique access code, this code is recorded into the gate access system with a time and date stamp each time it is entered into the keypad.   At 893 Corporate Dr, there is the newest top of the line locking systems on each unit.

Q.    Why do I need insurance?
A.    Your stored property is not covered by the storage facility for loss or damage.  Also, do not assume any existing homeowners or renters insurance policy will automatically cover your stored property.  We recommend you check with your insurance agent regarding your policy coverage.

Q.    What uses are strictly prohibited and items that cannot be stored?
A.    No one is allowed to live in the storage facility, store animals or run a day to day business out of it.  Items that are perishable, hazardous, toxic, illegal, or food cannot be stored at this storage facility. If in doubt of what can be stored, please ask the manager. Examples of items that cannot be stored are: Ammunitions, propane, food, produce, plants, fireworks, illegal drugs, more than 3 gallons of oil, gasoline (other than in a vehicle), paint, paint thinner, cleaning chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pet food, bird seed, any grain or seeds, etc.

Q.    What are your methods of payment?
A.    We accept cash, checks, money orders and major credit cards.  Major credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal.  Customers may take advantage of the PayPal Automatic Payment System, without having a PayPal account.   The payments are automatically withdrawn out of the account determined by the Customer. Upon termination of the lease, the automatic withdrawals are stopped by the customer. Using this option eliminates accidentally missing a payment.

Q.    Does your storage facility pro-rate rent?
A.    Yes.  We pro-rate rent on the entrance month but not the exit month.  On the entrance month you only pay for the days you are renting the space, from your move-in date thru the end of the month.

Q.    What tips do I need to know to pack my items for storage?
A.    Store expensive items to the rear and place large pieces of furniture to the front of the unit.
Wrap glass and other breakable items in bubble wrap, newspaper, paper pads, or quilts.
Use the height of the unit to maximize the cubic feet by standing large pieces of furniture on end and/or stacking items. Do this only if the furniture is safe and securely placed.
Use paper pads or cloth to protect furniture from scratches.
Store heavier items on the bottom and light items on top.
For ventilation, leave a few inches of space between the walls and your stored items.
Label your boxes on three sides to save time from having to move them around to find the contents.
Maintain a written inventory of items stored in your unit.
In storage, place valuables, books, and other delicate items in a plastic tote. Place boxes on pallets to keep them off the floor and away from moisture.

Q.    What type of deposits / fees do you charge?
A.    We require a deposit which varies with the size storage unit that is rented. Call us for a quote. We’ll let you know what your first month rent and deposit will be. The deposit is returned when the storage unit is vacated providing the account is current, the storage unit is clean, and there is no damage. We do not charge an administration fee or check-in fee.

Q.    What are the hours of operation/access?
A.    Access is 24/7, however, the business hours may vary. Please call ahead if you would like to meet with a manager to view storage unit sizes or sign a lease.

Q.    Does your storage facility supply locks?
A.    Yes, we sell and require the ‘disc lock’ for enhanced security.

Q.    Can I store a vehicle?
A.    Yes, a vehicle may be stored in a regular storage unit or on an exterior parking space if the vehicle is drivable and we have space available.

Q.    Do I have to rent for a certain number of months?
A.    No, there is a one month  minimum and on a month-to-month basis after that but it is prorated on the entrance month.   The exception to this is if you take advantage of one of our specials.